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My full name’s Danny Fernandez, but despite my surname, I’m actually from London.

However, after a year travelling around the world, I decided to start a new chapter in Barcelona. It was one of my best decisions.

Early in my photography career, I realised that what excites me the most is when I work with people. For me, making Portraits is much deeper than taking a pretty picture.

I believe that everyone has unique beauty and my driving force is to show clients how special they are. I want people to see that they’re extraordinary.

Besides being a perfectionist and a fanatic about lights & shadows, I’m most passionate about connecting with people. I’ve been told that I make people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

As I was diving into Portrait photography, I also fell in love with Street photography. Shooting on the streets taught me to anticipate and capture a fleeting emotion, reaction or moment. The skills I learned from street photography enable me to create unique and dynamic Event photography.

Combining my passion for Portrait and Event photography lead me to create Retratos Barcelona. ’Retratos’ being the Spanish word for ‘Portraits’.

Retratos Barcelona has now grown into a carefully selected team of photographers, videographers and make up artists.

Together, we’re growing to provide a powerhouse service to other professionals in Barcelona and internationally.

We look forward to meeting you.