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I don’t like being in photos. How can I look good in front of the camera?

I hate being in photos too. As do the majority of our customers, so you’re not alone. 

We have years of experience photographing people just like yourself, and have developed ways to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot. We fully guide you throughout the session, and we may even crack a few terrible jokes to help get a natural smile. 

Our clients often tell us that their photoshoot was way more fun than they expected. You really have nothing to worry about!

What are Corporate Headshots?

Corporate Headshots are designed for people who generally work in the corporate or business world and are often more formal than our other headshots (but don’t worry, you’re allowed to look relaxed and friendly in your photo, in fact, we encourage it!).

Our clients often choose a texture background, but you also have the option of having an ‘environmental’ background in our studio. This can help your photo appear more casual. These headshots are suited for LinkedIn, CVs, email signatures, website use, printed brochures and other professional uses. 

We offer Corporate Headshots for individuals and teams. The difference between the two is that there is a discount for teams.

What are Personal Branding Headshots?

Personal Branding Headshots are designed for people who work in creative industries, and are normally their own brand. Think of people like freelancers and creatives, who offer their own products or services. 

Personal Branding headshots are more about showing the personality of the client. This can be achieved by photographing them in their workspace (for example, an artist in their studio) or by including some props related to their job. Personal Branding headshots are suited for social media, professional networks, website content, magazine features etc. 

What are Actor's Headshots?

Actor’s headshots are designed for those who work in acting and entertainment. We follow industry standard procedures and current trends to make sure your actor’s headshots are relevant in today’s industry. We offer actor’s headshots both in the studio, and in an outdoor location (which can give a more ‘natural’ feel). 

I've booked my Headshot Session - what happens next?

After receiving your booking, we’ll be in touch to confirm the details, talk about your needs and offer you advice on how to prepare. 

Make sure to check out our blog for articles on what to wear, how to pose, and how to prepare for your headshot session.

What happens during the photoshoot?

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with coffee, tea or water and then we like to take a few minutes to get to know you a little. We’ll talk about the kind of portraits you want and take a look at the clothes you’ve brought with you. 

We then explain our techniques of how we guide and pose you during the shoot. This is achieved by ‘mirroring’ (where we demonstrate the pose, and you copy us) and by using a series of hand gestures (to help explain how to position your head). 

We’ll take some test shots to get you warmed up, before we begin the session. Generally, we pose you based on what looks most flattering, and then we have a conversation. It’s really as simple as that. By helping you to relax, we’re able to get natural expressions and smiles. 

We’ll try a series of poses, and show you the photos during the shoot. At this point, the client usually prefers a type of pose (or side they like best), and then we spend more time perfecting that, until we get a series of photos that you love. If your package includes multiple looks / changes of clothes, we’ll take breaks while you get changed and we adjust the lights. 


What happens after the photoshoot?

After the shoot, we download the images to our computer and create a selection gallery (this means removing the photos we won’t use – blinking eyes etc – and selecting the best photos from each pose). 

We add the selection gallery to our online, password protected website and email you the link. 

The number of photos in the ‘selection gallery’ varies depending on how long we shoot. 

Once inside the gallery, you’ll review the images before choosing the photos you want retouched (by clicking on the ‘heart’ on each image). You can then leave a comment on the photos to tell us which photos you want to have a premium retouch, and which a standard retouch.

We then retouch your chosen images, upload them to your gallery and you can download them at a selection of resolutions. 

Do I need to bring anything to the photo shoot?

We ask clients to bring a selection of ironed clothes which we’ll look at together when you arrive.

For advice on what to wear, check our the articles in our blog. 

What should I wear for my professional headshot?

Our general rule is ‘dress how you want to be viewed’.

As this is an in depth subject, we have created a series of blog articles, which covers which essentials to bring, colours, accessories, and grooming.

You can view these articles here.

How should I do my make up?

If you are doing your own makeup, we recommend keeping it simple and natural (the same style you would do it if you were attending a job interview or important meeting). 

For best results, we recommend working with our own makeup artists, who specialise in professional makeup for portraits. To view more information, check out this article.

What's the difference between Standard and Premium retouching?

Our philosophy to retouching is to keep it natural looking and looking like you. We make you look like you would on your best day (having had plenty of sleep and lots of water the night before).

Our professional retouching department offers two levels of retouching: Standard and Premium. 

Standard Retouching is about making the portrait look great, and includes: Exposure / Contrast / Levels / White balance adjustment, Cropping, Sharpening and colour grading. 

Standard Retouch
Standard Retouch
Standard Retouch
Original Photo Vs. Standard Retouch


Our Standard Retouching will leave you with a great image. However, if you want a portrait to stand out from the crowd, we recommend our Premium Retouching service. 

Premium Retouching has all feature of Standard retouching + full skin retouching. This can include* removal of skin imperfections, cleaning up ‘stray hairs’, reduction / removal of bags under the eyes, reduction / removal of wrinkles, correcting colour differences in skin tones, enhancement of the eyes, adjusting the clothes so they fit better and an overall colour grade. 

*based on the clients needs.

Our Premium Retouching will leave you with a magazine standard portrait. 

Premium Retouch
Premium Retouch
Premium Retouch
Standard Retouch
Standard Retouch
Standard Retouch Vs. Premium Retouch

How long does it take to receive my photos?

Once you have made your selection (from the selection gallery) you’ll receive your finished images within 5 working days.

The images are available both as high quality images (optimised for print), and web images (optimised for web / social media use)

I love so many of the photos - can I buy more?

Often, our clients find it so difficult to select their photos because there are so many that they love.

If this happens, there is no need to worry, because you can add on additional photos to your package (+30€ for each Premium Retouched photo, +10€ for each Standard Retouched photo). 

I work in an office and need the entire team photographed. Can you come to us?

Yes. Our Mobile Portrait Studio is our portable portrait studio service, where we bring our equipment to you and create professional level headshots from your office or event stand. This is designed for businesses which need their entire staff photographed. 

We can also set up our Mobile Portrait Studio at your trade event, so you can offer professional headshots to your clients and collaborators, adding value to your business.


Have any questions that we haven’t answered?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you out!