Frequently asked questions


How to prepare for your Headshot session

I'm camera shy; Can you make me look good?

We have years of experience photographing people just like yourself, and have developed ways to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot. We fully guide you throughout the session, and we may even crack a few dad jokes to help get a natural smile. 

Our clients often tell us that their photoshoot was way more fun than they expected – you can read our reviews here. 

You really have nothing to worry about!

What should I wear?

Our general rule is to ‘dress how you want to be perceived’. We go over this in our pre-shoot consultation and we’ll give you outfit recommendations.

Please bring a selection of ironed clothes with you. If your outfit got a bit wrinkled on the way to the session, we have a steamer at the studio.

As styling is an in depth subject, we’ve created a series of blog articles, which covers the essentials to bring, colours, accessories, and grooming.

If you are still unsure of what to wear, we can provide a professional stylist service who can help you pick the perfect outfit – just ask us for more info.

How can I book the professional makeup and hair service? How much does it cost?

The right makeup can make a lot of difference in your pictures, but doing your make up for a photoshoot is different from day-to-day life. That’s why we recommend working with one of our professional hair & makeup artists, who specialise in headshot photography

Hair & Makeup is 150€. If you would like the artist to stay on set during the portrait session (to touch up your makeup or restyle your hair), the cost is 250€.

To book the hair & makeup artist, simply add on the service when you book your portrait session. Payment is made directly with the makeup artist on the day of the session. 

I want to do my own makeup. Do you have any tips?

Our main tip is to keep it simple and natural (the same style you would do it if you were attending a job interview or important meeting). We have a professional makeup mirror for you to use at our studio. 

Our head Makeup Artist has written a guide of 20 insider tips for doing your own makeup if you want to learn more.

How can I book the professional stylist service? How much does it cost?

Our stylist offers a wardrobe consultation, where she looks at your clothes and helps you put together the best outfits. It’s also possible to do a personal shopping trip to find new outfits.

A wardrobe consultation is €200 (and lasts 2 hours), and a personal shopping trip is €200 (and also lasts 2 hours).

To book the stylist, get in touch with us (ideally a few weeks) before your session and we’ll give you all the details.

The Portrait experience

What is a Pre-Shoot Consultation?

All of our portrait packages include a complimentary Pre-Shoot Consultation.

The Pre-Shoot Consultation is a brief video call that helps us get to know each other before we work together. It allows us to listen to your needs and discuss the type of headshot that you want. It also gives you the chance to ask any questions or doubts that you may have about the session, and get acquainted with the face behind the camera.

What happens on the day of my portrait session?

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a drink and snack. Then we take some time to get to know you a little. We’ll talk about the kind of portraits you want and take a look at the clothes you’ve brought with you. We set up the music you like and get started. 

We show you how we guide and pose you during the shoot. This is done by a series of gestures as well as ‘mirroring’, where we demonstrate the pose, and you copy us.

We’ll take some test shots to get warmed up and review these on the computer. Once we begin the session, we’ll try a series of poses and expressions – all the time reviewing the photos.

By helping you to relax, we’ll be able to get authentic expressions and smiles. We’ll keep developing what looks the best until we get a series of photos that you love.


  • To see what a Business Portrait session looks like, click here! 
  • To see what a Actor Headshot session looks like, click here!
I'm awkward in front of the camera; Do you have tips for posing?

Where do your hands go? How do you stand? We’ve spent years studying posing and expression coaching, and know how to pose you in the most flattering way.

We fully guide and direct you throughout the session, working out your best angles, and checking the photos on the computer to make sure we’re both happy.

Besides giving you posing guidance and expression coaching, we keep the sessions really fun (listening to music and chatting), so that you feel relaxed and we can capture authentic smiles.

  • To watch a behind the scenes video of our corporate headshot sessions, click here.
  • To watch a behind the scenes video of our actors headshot sessions, click here.
Do I need to arrive early to the session?

Please arrive at your scheduled time, as often we’re still making final preparations to the studio.

When you arrive, we like to have a drink and chat, so that we can get to know you, and talk about the kind of portraits that you want.

The allocated time of your portrait session includes time to get ready before we start shooting.

Do I have time to prepare before we start taking photos?

Of course. We like to keep our sessions relaxed, and before the photography begins, we schdeule in time for a drink, chat, and to look through your outfits.

You’ll then have time to get changed and do any last minute makeup touchups (we have a makeup mirror for you to use) before we begin taking photos.

Should I wear my outfit to the studio, or can I get changed there?

We recommend travelling to the studio in your normal clothes, and getting changed into the outfits you’d like for the pictures once you arrive. We’ll ask you to bring ironed clothes. We have a steamer on set to get out any smaller wrinkles.

Can I do my makeup at the studio?

If you are doing your own hair and makeup, we recommend doing it before you arrive at the studio.

Once you arrive, we have a makeup mirror to do any checks and touch ups, before we begin.

If you prefer to use our professional hair and makeup service, you can add this to your cart when you book your shoot.

What happens if my clothes get wrinkled on the way to the studio?

We understand that clothes often get a little wrinkled on the way to the studio (we recommend travelling to the studio in your normal clothes, and getting changed into your ‘Portrait outfit’ when you arrive).

However, if your clothes have become wrinkled, we have a steamer to smooth things out.

Selecting and receiving your final photos

How does the selection process work?

After the shoot:

  • Within 2 days of the session, we send you the best photos from the shoot in an online gallery, and you pick your favourites.
  • We then retouch your chosen photos.
  • If you want to buy additional images (than what’s included in your package), you can.
  • You’ll receive your finished photos within 5 working days (after you’ve picked your favourites).
Can I keep all of the photos you took during the session?

Typically we only deliver the final retouched photos.

However, if you want to keep all of the unedited photos from the session, you can for an additional fee of 250€. Please note that these photos aren’t professionally retouched.

I love so many of the images, can I buy more?

Often, our clients find it so difficult to select their photos because there are so many that they love.

If this happens, there’s no need to worry: you can add additional retouched photos to your package for 40€ per image.

When do I receive my finished portraits?

Once you have made your selection from the selection gallery, we do our very best to edit and deliver your retouched images within 5 working days.

Your photos are delivered via your personal online gallery and will be available for download as both high-resolution images (optimised for print), and web-optimised images (suitable for web and social media use).

If you need urgent delivery (within 24 hours) on your final images, there is an additional fee of 30€ per image.

I need my final photos ASAP, do you offer a 24hr delivery?

Yes. If you need urgent delivery on your final images, there is an additional fee of 30€ per photo.

Are the final photos retouched?

Yes, all of the photos included in your package are retouched to the highest industry standards.

Our philosophy to retouching is to keep it looking natural. We make you look like you would on your best day (having had plenty of sleep and lots of water the night before).

Our retouching typically includes:

  • Removal of skin imperfections and temporary blemishes,
  • Cleaning up stray hairs,
  • Reduction of wrinkles and bags under the eyes,
  • Correcting colour differences in skin tones,
  • Enhancement of the eyes,
  • Adjusting the clothes so they fit better.

And of course, if you have any specific retouching requests, we’re happy to help.


How, and when do I pay?

A retainer fee is taken when you book your session and the remaining balance is paid on the day of the session via Credit Card, Bizum or Bank Transfer.

All payment is made via our online booking system.

Can you supply an invoice?

Yes, of course. When you book a session you’ll be asked for your details (name / business name & address / tax details) and a downloadable invoice will be created once you pay.

Business Services

What are Business Portraits?

Business Portraits are our high-class headshots designed for people who generally work in the professional or corporate world. They’re a great way to make your professional profiles and personal branding stand out from the crowd. But don’t let the name fool you, just because they’re business portraits, doesn’t mean that you can’t look relaxed and friendly in your headshot, in fact, we encourage it!

Business portraits can take place at our studio or on-location and are typically used for LinkedIn, websites, email signatures, printed brochures, CVs and other professional uses. 

We offer Business Portraits for Individuals and Teams.

What are Group Photos?

Our editorial style group photos show your founders, leadership team or any other team that you want to showcase, in their best light. 

We create images that your team will be proud to use for their press kit, funding applications or website. 

Click here to find out more!

What is Office Photography?

Think of our Office Photography as bespoke stock images which makes clients want to work with you. 

We showcase the dynamics of your team, your company culture and demonstrate your products in use.

Click here to find out more!

What is Event Photography?

We’re specialists in capturing unique and engaging conference and event photography. 

Our Event Photography team have years of experience photographing events worldwide, and are experts in capturing the atmosphere in a dynamic and creative way. Our photos are guaranteed to impress your sponsors, speakers and attendees. 

Click here to find out more! 

We’re a large team and can’t come to your studio. Can you come to us?

Yes. Besides our professional photography studio, we also have a fully mobile portrait studio, which lets us create professional headshots from your office or workspace. This is perfect for businesses who need their entire staff photographed from the convenience of their office.

We can also set up our Mobile Portrait Studio at your trade event, so you can offer professional headshots to your clients and collaborators, adding value to your business.

Ask us for more info.

Actor’s Services

How can your actor's headshots help me get roles?

We’ve interviewed casting directors to get the inside scoop on what they look for in Actor’s headshots.

We know the industry standards and are inspired by current trends to make sure your actor’s headshots are relevant in today’s industry.

Our actor’s headshots show your range and are adapted to the types of roles you want.

Our actor’s headshots help you get more castings.

How do I prepare for my actor's headshot?

We beleive a vital first step is taking time to think about the roles you want to get cast for.

We then organise a pre-shoot consultation. The Pre-Shoot Consultation takes place before the portrait session and lets us talk about: 

  • The types of emotion you want to express, 
  • What to wear, 
  • The best background to use.

We also recommend reading our interview with a Casting Director, and our guides on What to Wear (for men and for women).

When should I update my headshots?

Here are some examples of situations where you might need to get new headshots:

  • Change in hair style or colour
  • New or differently styled facial hair
  • Natural aging (even just a couple years)
  • Significant weight loss or gain
What is The Cinematic Portrait?

The Cinematic Portrait is an artistic image where we create a unique world, in which you tell a story. We like to think of them as a scene from a movie, with you being photographed in your best moment.

They differ from headshots as they use more elaborate set design, art direction and stronger emotion. They’re often inspired by classical paintings, and fine art.

The Cinematic Portrait is included in Actor’s Package #3.

Getting to the studio

How do I get to the studio? Is there parking?

The address is: Carrer de Rocafort 161, Local 2, Barcelona, 08015. (You can open up Google Maps here).

  • If you’re travelling by metro, the closest stations are Rocafort (Line 1), Entença (Line 5), and Tarragona (Line 3).
  • If you’re travelling by train, the studio is a 10 min walk from Sants Estació.
  • If you’re driving, the closest parking is Central Parking.