5 reasons why you NEED a professional Event Photographer in Barcelona

5 reasons why you NEED a professional Event Photographer in Barcelona

How a professional Event Photographer can help your event in Barcelona

Barcelona; home to Gaudi’s architecture, Pa amb tomàquet, and of course Football Club Barcelona.  

Barcelona is also world famous for it’s many international conferences and events. Each February people travel from all over the world to attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC). The event is so huge, that in 2019 it had 109,000 attendees, of which 7,900 were CEOs, 3,640 were International Media and Industry Analysts, and 2,400 were exhibitors.

A long exposure photo of crowds entering the Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Each year the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona brings in tens of thousands of people.

A man doing a handstand on the Mobile World Congress sign, in Barcelona

Fira Barcelona, one of Barcelona’s most important event venues.

Besides the colossal Mobile World Congress, Barcelona also sees an influx of people for other important events and conferences, notably: 

4YFNBarcelona Wine WeekExpo SportsAlimentariaBarcelona Bridal Fashion WeekRetail and Brand Experience World CongressIOT Solutions World CongressManga Barcelona, and the Smart City Expo World Congress.

A man presenting at 4YFN Barcelona

4YFN is another huge Barcelona event.

As you can see, Barcelona is a very influential city on the world stage. If your business is participating in an event or conference in Barcelona, here are:

5 reasons why you should consider hiring a professional Event Photographer in Barcelona.


1. Show the world how great your event was

You’ve invested money, time and energy in making your event a success. With the help of a professional Event and Conference Photographer you’ll be able to show the world how successful your event was.

a photo of a man wearing VR glasses on a ride

Professional event photography allows you to capture all of the special moments at your event.

An experienced Event Photographer knows how to cover your conference in a unique and engaging way. They have been trained to capture the most important moments (the laughter during a workshop, or your most influential speaker delivering their talk).

These photos will be treasured by your attendees, speakers and sponsors. Good conference photographs can provide you with content for your website, newsletters and social media. 

A man presenting at the financial times stand in Amsterdam's TNW event

Professional event photography provides you with lots of content to share and promote your event.

2. Professional photographs help you promote your event after it’s finished

You’ve spent months preparing your event, and it’s paid off: you solidified business opportunities and made new ones.

However, without Professional Photographs from your event, you have nothing tangible to show just how great your event was. This is even more important if you have a special guest speaker, an impressive exhibition stand or a memorable event.

Strong photographs from your event help you tell your story to your audience.

If you have a point of interest at your exhibition stand, professional photos will help you promote your next event.

If you have a point of interest at your exhibition stand, professional photos will help you promote your next event.

Event photography in Barcelona

Attendees having fun at the SNC-Lavalin stand at the Gastech conference in Barcelona.

A photo of a professional cocktail mixologist

If you have a unique experience for your attendees, our event photographer Barcelona will capture great photos that provide great memories for those who were there. 

Event photos can be used to promote your next event, giving potential attendees an idea of what to expect when they meet you face to face.

“Both our online and offline worlds are saturated with imagery. In order to stand out you need great photos. Attention-grabbing images that show the emotion and energy from your event provide invaluable marketing material for your next one.”

3. Create a buzz on Social Media

Nowadays, your Social Media followers expect live updates throughout the day during an event or conference. Why settle for photos taken on your phone, when you could upload much higher quality and professional looking photographs?

A photo of a lady taking a photo on her phone at the Mobile World Capital events in Barcelona

Photos like this can be added to your Social Media during the event.

Many professional Event and Conference Photographers can supply you with Social Media images during the event. These can be used in your tweets to help them stand out from the crowd of your audience’s congested social media feeds. 

“Tweets with images earned up to 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more favorites, and 150 percent more retweets.” (Source: Buffer)

To find out how our Event Photographers in Barcelona can supply you with dynamic photos for your Social Media feed during your conference, click here. 

A man speaking at a KPMG conference in Barcelona

Event photography is a perfect way to add content to your social media.

4. Capturing flattering photos of your speakers and audience in a candid way

A trained and experienced Event Photographer knows how to predict when someone is about to laugh, look engaged or just plain cool.

They have the skills, patience and knowledge of how to best position themselves to get engaging and killer images. They take into considerations things such as the best angle to flatter the subject, the lighting, and how to incorporate the environment to create visually rich photographs.

Professional event photography Retratos Barcelona Mobile world capital

Our professional Event photographers in Barcelona know how to make creative shots at your event.

Professional event photography Retratos Barcelona SCHUNK

An experienced Event Photographer uses their skill to capture real life moments like these.

Recent research has shown that people feel more connected to photos of others that are unvarnished and candid. (Source: University of Pennsylvania)

“People don’t want to share something that looks completely varnished. They want to share something that looks authentic.” (Jonah Berger)

Photographing people in a natural yet flattering way is a skill honed through practice and experience. It is a art form that Event Photographers should be confident in.

If you’d like to learn how Retratos Barcelona offers unique and engaging event photography, click here.

Professional event photography Retratos Barcelona 2

People want to share moments that look authentic.

5. A Professional Event Photographer allows you to concentrate on your job

By hiring a professional event photographer in Barcelona, you don’t need to worry about you or your team taking photos of the event. This will free you up to concentrate on what you are there to do – inform, network, and create business opportunities. 

By delegating photography to a specialist, you’ll receive much better photos, and you’ll be able to concentrate on doing much better business. 

To find out how Retratos Barcelona can provide Specialist Event and Conference photography in Barcelona, and worldwide click here.