A headshot to get you hired: Top tips for a successful LinkedIn profile picture

A headshot to get you hired: Top tips for a successful LinkedIn profile picture

Want insider tips on how to improve your LinkedIn? Our LinkedIn Profile picture tips will help you stand out from the competition and get noticed!

Did you just join the huge job-hunting and networking platform and have no idea how to stand out from literally millions of candidates? Whether you’re actively searching for a new job in Barcelona, or you just want to have a profile that shows your professional skills, any successful LinkedIn page needs a well taken profile picture. If you want to follow the best LinkedIn profile picture tips to get it done, keep reading. 

Why should you go above and beyond with your LinkedIn profile pic?

If you’re searching to find your dream job, let us share a little secret with you: Make it easier for your dream job to find you, by having a professional profile picture! It’s a known fact that LinkedIn profiles with a picture get 21 times more views, and make you 36 times more likely to be contacted through messages, than those without a profile picture. The absolute best way to give yourself better chances at getting hired is to spend some time working on a killer LinkedIn profile pic. 

A LinkedIn photo of a young female professional

You only get one chance to set a first impression; make sure it counts!

Tip 1: Pick a photo that looks like you 

The purpose of a LinkedIn profile pic is that potential employers can see exactly who they’ll meet if they move on with your recruitment process and want to do a face to face interview. It’s essential that your LinkedIn photo gives a clear and accurate depiction of how you currently look. This is our number one LinkedIn profile picture tip!

You might be tempted to upload your favourite picture from 10 years ago and had a different hairstyle, but it’s definitely not recommended as it can be misleading and startling for the person who meets you. Imagine the recruiters surprise when they realise the person they’re interviewing looks massively different to the person on their online application. It just doesn’t speak well of you as a professional. Keep in mind that every time you make a drastic change in your appearance (you start wearing glasses or have a major hairstyle change) you should update your LinkedIn profile pic in order to let others see the current you.

A LinkedIn portrait of a professional woman wearing a blue suit

Make sure your profile picture represents who you are now.

Tip 2: Choose the right expression 

Think of your LinkedIn profile pic as your first shot to sell yourself as a professional and trustworthy person. Maybe you don’t consider yourself as a ‘smiles in pictures’ kind of person, but research has shown that people view you as more ‘likable’, ‘competent’ and even ‘a positive influence’ when you smile in your LinkedIn picture.

Don’t be afraid to try it; practice beforehand in front of a mirror and go for a natural yet relaxed smile that invites people to reach out and hear what you have to say about yourself. Remember an upbeat LinkedIn profile pic can get you more contacts and opportunities. 

A portrait of a business woman

We try our best to make our clients look and feel confident and approachable

If you invest in professional photographs your specialist headshot photographer will guide you throughout the session and capture genuine smiles. To find out how Retratos Barcelona can help you with your LinkedIn profile pictures in Barcelona, click here. 

Tip 3: Dress like you would for your dream job

Clothing choice plays a huge role in the first impression that you give recruiters, and it’s something worth considering before taking photos. 

We highly recommend dressing for the job you’re trying to get (and not necessarily the one you currently have). If you’re updating your LinkedIn in order to get your dream job as a lawyer, then you should dress the way a lawyer dresses. Similarly, if your dream job is to be a children’s teacher, then something more casual (making you seem more friendly and approachable) would be more appropriate. 

There are a few basic rules that you should try to stick by however. Try to stay away from wearing patterns and large prints in your LinkedIn profile picture, as these can distract the attention away from your face – which is the most important part.

When we take LinkedIn profile pictures in Barcelona, we recommend that our clients bring a variety of outfits (some more casual and some more formal), so we can have a variety of photos that can be used for different purposes. 

Professional business portraits in Barcelona

Best to bring clothing options for your LinkedIn photoshoot.

If you need help deciding whether you should hire a professional makeup artist, we have you covered right here.

Tip 4: Keep the background in mind

A background is something that most people don’t think much about, but it can make or break a successful LinkedIn profile pic. If you’ve decided to update your profile picture and want to literally stand out from the crowd (this platform currently has 645 million users), it’s important that you avoid unnecessary distractions in the background. 

Make sure you’re the only person in the picture; this includes pets, toys or any colourful object that diverts attention from you. A cropped photo from a night out, cocktail in hand, simply won’t cut it.

However, if you go for a natural, environmental background such as your workspace, office or garden, this can make your profile picture look more relaxed and immediately say something about your profession (for example, an artist in their studio).

A portrait of a ceramic artist smiling in her studio

If your workspace is important to your job, it can be a great idea to include it in your profile picture.

However, if you prefer a more formal and traditional photo, a plain or textured background is recommended, as this focuses all of the attention on the most important part of the photo – you! 

If you want a new LinkedIn profile picture in Barcelona, we have a variety of coloured backgrounds (both plain and textured), and can also shoot environmental portraits in the comfort of our photo studio, or from your workplace. It’s even possible to get a mixture of ‘plain’ and ‘environmental’ backgrounds within the same package. Contact us for more info. 

A studio portrait of a young professional Indian woman

We have a variety of custom made backgrounds, that we recommend based on your skin tone and clothing options.

Tip 5: Invest in a professional headshot 

Our last Linkedin profile picture tip is our most useful. If you are serious about investing in your career, a professional headshot is a great way to start. At Retratos Barcelona, our specialist portrait photographer has spent years learning how to enhance your best features (by using studio lighting), knows how to pose you to make you look your best, and knows how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, which is the best way to capture genuine smiles. A small investment in a professional Linkedin photo can help you land a job with an increased salary bracket. 

Taking a good picture by yourself is not impossible, but considering the size of LinkedIn’s audience and the fact that people with professional headshots get 14 times more profile views, the decision to invest in a professional service should be considered carefully. Professional headshots are not as expensive as you think, and hiring the services of a specialist portrait photographer is a great way to increase your chances of being seen by potential recruiters. 

A creative colour portrait of a man laughing

We encourage you to show your personality in your LinkedIn Photoshoot in Barcelona.

An extra Linkedin profile picture tip

One last thing worth noting once you have your picture. Before you upload it on any platform, make sure to name the file “yourname.jpg”. This way, when someone does a Google image search on you, your face will show up in the results. 

A headshot to get you hired – that’s a wrap.

Now you know some of the best kept secrets to a successful LinkedIn profile pic. However you choose to dress, whichever background you decide, and whatever your expression, this is – without a doubt – the first step to bring life, and traffic, to your profile. 

If you would like to talk more about your new LinkedIn profile picture in Barcelona, contact us for more information.