How to grow your brand with corporate photography

How to grow your brand with corporate photography

Learn how a corporate photographer can help you stand out from the crowd.

There’s an oft-quoted stat that says the brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text. Your website may clearly lay out your company’s products and services, but most users tend to focus first on the pictures. Using corporate photography to build a strong brand image is the first step to fostering loyal and meaningful connections with new clients or employees.

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Why use generic stock photography, when you can feature your own staff, products and office?

What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography includes a wide range of images intended to help strengthen your brand. This might be natural photos of your team working in your office, photos of people using your products, or snapshots of events you’ve hosted. 

The aim of corporate photography is to showcase your values and help your audience understand what your business is about. A good corporate photographer creates images that you can use to enhance brand recognition and trust.

What are the uses of corporate photography?

Corporate photographs of products, services and staff can be used to attract both clients and potential employees.

A corporate photographer can showcase your products and services in a natural way

As a natural alternative to product photography, good corporate photography goes above and beyond the classic shots of products on a white background. Does your company offer a unique service? Share pictures of successful client meetings or the projects of which you’re proudest. Has your company just released a new product? Intrigue your audience with action shots of the product being used.

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Showcase your products in a natural way.

Professional UK photographer Grant Scott, writing for the BBC, notes that 

“Every decision you make in your life from what you wear, what you eat, how you vote, how you decorate your home, where you visit, what you listen to, what you watch and what you believe are influenced by professional photography and professional photographers.”

At Retratos Barcelona, we’ve helped our clients use corporate photography for everything from illustrating how a language learning app works, to introducing a new type of electric car charger. Our photos show the products in use so potential clients can see themselves using that product, too.

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We can show your products being used, in the best possible light.

Corporate photography helps illustrate the dynamics of your team and workplace

Perhaps you’re excited about being a young, diverse team. Maybe your corporation just opened up a Barcelona branch with an office ping pong table. Perhaps you’re the third generation of a proud family-owned business, or maybe you’d like to emphasize the professional and driven nature of your law firm. 

Office photography helps you attract the best candidates during the recruitment process by showing what you have to offer. As an added bonus, photos that illustrate the employer-employee relationship can help potential clients gain trust in your company.

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Corporate photography helps show your team’s dynamics.

As Fast Company puts it,

“Because a company is, ultimately, the sum of its individual employees… photographs say more at a glance than a mission statement or organization chart ever could.”

Where to use corporate photography

Photos of employees and products can be used for your website, social media profiles, flyers and other marketing materials. Corporate photography can also be used for internal newsletters. Hiring a corporate photographer for conferences, galas or fundraising events is a great way to immortalize those special moments that embody your company ethos.

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Office photography is a great way to show off your company culture.

How can Retratos Barcelona help my company?

There’s a fine line between exciting action shots and photos that were clearly staged. Anyone can take a picture with their phone, but it takes a professional photographer to capture the spirit of the moment without making it look awkward or artificial. At Retratos Barcelona, we specialise in creating natural-looking office photoshoots and helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

Flickr notes that

“often in photography, the most surreal and super-real photos result from clever setups to get the perfect picture.”

Usually, we’ll make a pre-production visit to your workspace to make a list of the specific photos you want. We’ll help you establish the best way to tell your story via photography, and produce professionally edited photographs that are optimised for use across all your channels. 

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We work with you to help create natural looking images.

How to grow your brand with corporate photography – That’s a wrap!

Corporate photography is one of the most exciting elements of any business, because it’s a chance to showcase the essence of who you are and what you do. Book a corporate photography session for your office today with Retratos Barcelona.